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Analysis on the composition function of medical packaging bags

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The medical packaging bag is composed of one side of paper and the other side of plastic composite film. It is used for packaging of medical devices to be sterilized. It belongs to the initial inner packaging of the product. The paper surface of the packaging bag generally needs to print medical device manufacturers or product related information. EN868-5 stipulates that the printing area shall not exceed 50%. Alias are sterilized packaging bags, sterilized packaging bags, medical packaging bags, medical paper-plastic bags. Next, the editor will introduce its composition and functions.

Analysis on the composition function of medical packaging bags

Medical packaging bags with medical dialysis paper on one side and medical composite film on the other are suitable for: EO ethylene oxide, high-temperature steam STEAM, GAMMA cobalt CO60 radiation sterilization packaging, such as high-temperature steam sterilization or high-temperature steam sterilization of medical equipment in hospitals It is used to contain items to be sterilized during sterilization, sterile medical device manufacturers such as syringes, catheters, probes, gauze sheets, surgical gowns, artificial bones, artificial organs, electric pen knife and other medical sterile packaging, general steam Sterilize for a few minutes to half an hour, the temperature is 121-134 degrees, ethylene oxide sterilization for several hours, the temperature is about 55 degrees, and the irradiation is sterilized at room temperature, which can be completed in about 2 minutes. It is suitable to use PET (polyester)/PE (polyethylene) colorless and transparent medical composite film, because PE itself is not resistant to high temperature, and the glue is not resistant to high temperature.. Irradiation sterilization is not recommended to use PET (polyester)/CPP (Polypropylene). Because radiation exposure has the effect of aging and embrittlement on CPP, harmful halides may also be precipitated. Generally, the product is placed in a clean workshop such as a 100,000-level purification workshop, and disposable sterile medical equipment products are put into In the bag, then use a heat sealer to seal the bag, put it into a carton, and put it in a sterilizer after sterilization is OK, and then generally due to different materials, the antibacterial shelf life is generally divided into 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years , Have undergone aging verification, so as to ensure that the medical products in the bag are sterile products during transportation and storage until the final hospital nurse opens them, and they do not need to be sterilized and can be used directly.

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