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Packaging bags are an item that we touch more in daily life

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Packaging bags are an item that we often touch in our daily life. It not only improves the overall aesthetics of the product, but also facilitates transportation and avoids the product from being worn in the middle. Therefore, the quality of the packaging bag is a major key. The editor briefly introduces its industry standards.

  First of all, the shape of the packaging bag should be regulated and qualified. Currently, the round shape is commonly used. In terms of material, the outer bag is usually PP, the inner bag and outer bag are PE, and the document bag is PE. The inner bag must be free of impurities and smooth. , No sticking phenomenon, no blocking in packing, firm bottom waterproof buckle, printing requires clear pattern, handwriting, accurate position; single-sided printing, color according to the requirements of the buyer, and the net size of the file bag must also meet the relevant standards , The label bag should be sewn on the upper left corner of the printing surface of the PP bag. In addition, it should have excellent antistatic properties, dustproof, and no odor. Only if it meets the above specifications, can it be used by the industry.

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