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Paper-plastic packaging materials can be used in small packages

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The quality of medical device sterilization is directly related to the quality of medical treatment and the rehabilitation of patients. Using paper-plastic packaging materials, sterilize the clinically necessary instruments and single surgical instruments that are not frequently used, and monitor the sterilization indicators to meet the requirements. Therefore, paper-plastic packaging bags have received enthusiastic response in the sterilization of medical devices.

     The use of paper-plastic packaging not only extends the validity period, ensures the quality of the sterile package and the safety of clinical use, but also greatly reduces the damage of the sterilized items, especially the packaging cloth into powder, the adhesion of rubber items and the rust of metal items The occurrence rate of equal loss prolongs the service life of items, saves economic expenses, and also reduces the labor intensity of nursing staff.

     Paper-plastic packaging materials can be used in small packages, which facilitate the penetration of steam and ethylene oxide, occupy less space in the sterilization basket, increase the loading capacity of the sterilization basket, and save electricity and gas resources, especially for the nose speculum used in ENT and dentistry , Dental extraction forceps, scissors and dental curette, etc. are changed to individual packaging.

      When choosing paper-plastic packaging materials for packaging items, there should be a certain amount of space around after putting them in, and it is not suitable to load heavy instruments. Sharp instruments should be properly protected (scissors, puncture needles, etc., protected by gauze or rubber tubes) before loading. Avoid puncturing the packaging bag to let the air out of the bag. When the pot is to be sterilized, it needs to be filled with a stainless steel basket, standing on its side to avoid moisture staying on the plastic surface. The temperature during storage is kept below 25 ℃ and the humidity is about 50%. , Pay attention to the paper layer damp-proof and punctured by sharp tools.

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