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Talking about the development trend of medical packaging bags

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After years of struggle, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery has made great progress. However, there are still large gaps between the overall and foreign equipment, such as low output, unstable operation and low component standardization. Faced with many problems, we are working hard to improve our own level, and it is necessary to clarify our future development ideas.

Ergonomics belongs to the edge of a comprehensive discipline. It has been widely used in product design, making people pay more attention to product design. Its ultimate goal is to achieve the harmony and unity of "one product, one environment". Pharmaceutical packaging equipment, as a way to reduce the labor intensity of products, should consider human factors. Through every detail, this idea should be in the mechanical design, such as high, low, rationalization of the operation process, and the visual effect of the interface (the degree of visual fatigue) ), safe operation, convenient maintenance, convenient adjustment, etc. Due to various factors, it is easier for pharmaceutical product manufacturers to upgrade their products. Therefore, a packaging device cannot be used only for product packaging. Due to the different shapes and characteristics of different drugs, even the same packaging process will involve different types of molds and different feeding methods. Pharmaceutical packaging equipment currently on the market has poor compatibility and has not been widely used. It is usually one-to-one packaging, which can be used to pack different medicines and change molds. If one or more of the following standards of the same or similar packaging machinery and equipment in the packaging process need to be replaced to make it the basic unit that can operate independently, it is connected to the host through the interface, so that a community with the host can be carried out according to needs ( Such as the form of building blocks and combinations), the basic units actually used have their own combinations according to their needs. If this design can be realized, the operator can easily replace the mold, greatly reducing waste, and improving the flexibility and applicability of the machine.

Some pharmaceutical companies have begun to use servo motor control instead of traditional transmission systems, which is a reform and breakthrough of traditional boxes. The servo system controls the drive system, which can control the synchronization problem of the movement by writing a program, and can eliminate the shortcomings of the traditional transmission system, which is easy to form accumulated errors. During the debugging process, each action can also be controlled separately, or it can be saved. debugging. We emphasize "modularity" in the design of automation design, the related movement is broken, controlled independently by the system, and can be easily controlled fully, which actually increases the flexibility of mechanical operation and adjustment and improves the degree of automation. In the automation of medical packaging machinery, we define automation more and more widely, thinner, and deeper and deeper, from the overall mechanical automation to the automated packaging workshop, from the packaging process to part of the entire packaging process, the entire production line and workshop The design will be an inevitable trend. In the design of the automatic packaging workshop, the comprehensive packaging of medicines and the provision of a complete set of packaging solutions are a new leap in automation. With the development of the trend, industrial PCs will be put into it, with its powerful functions.

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