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Points to note when choosing paper-plastic packaging bags

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Nowadays, it can be said that plastic packaging and garbage are everywhere, and the use of plastic packaging bags has brought convenience to our lives, but it also has an impact on our environment. Today, let’s take a look at the selection of paper-plastic packaging bags, and also take a look at the characteristics of plastic packaging bags. This is what many people who produce and use packaging bags care about. Let’s get to know!

   When choosing plastic packaging bags, you should pay attention to the following points: (1) Choose foods to buy in large stores, not street stalls. (2) Food plastic packaging bags are odorless and odorless when they leave the factory. Plastic packaging bags with special odors cannot be used for food packaging. (3) Colored plastic packaging bags (the dark red or black colors currently used in the market) cannot be used for food packaging. Because this kind of plastic packaging bags are often made of recycled plastic. (4) The outer packaging of plastic food packaging bags must have Chinese logos, label the factory name, factory address, product name, and clearly indicate the words "for food". After the product leaves the factory, the product inspection certificate is attached.

  Plastic packaging bags have the advantages of flame retardant, high chemical resistance, good mechanical strength and electrical insulation. Plastic packaging bags have the prominent characteristics of abundant raw materials, mature manufacturing technology, low price and wide range of uses. We reuse plastic bags in our lives, which can protect the environment to a certain extent. Choose a few sturdy plastic bags, put them in your bag, and carry them with you so that you can use your own plastic bags when shopping and refuse to use the plastic bags provided by the store.

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