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Description of the method to solve the small corrugated spots of the medical composite film bag

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The method to determine the small corrugated spots of the medical composite film bag:


Ripple of medical composite film bag: Ripple is easy to occur on the film of the medical composite film bag, mainly because the molecular weight of the glue is irregular. After the hot drying tunnel and the hot roller, the elastic polymer chain shrinks, and the molecules of different molecular weights The internal shrinkage is not uniform, and this uneven internal shrinkage causes ripples. In this case, the reasons for the glue and the influence of the film on the surface quality should be considered.


Small spots of medical composite film bags: Small spots are larger than the above-mentioned small spots, with straight convex around the middle and concave spots, mainly due to the uneven membrane activation treatment, the same scar spots appear during the printing process, of course It may also be caused by too long activation time.

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