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Medical paper-plastic packaging bags and medical non-woven packaging materials

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The main function of packaging materials for sterile items is to allow air and sterilizing media (such as steam) to pass through, and at the same time provide a biological barrier for sterile items to ensure that the sterilized items remain for a certain period of time during the transfer and storage process. Aseptic state. The sterile packaging materials used in the disinfection supply centers in my country mainly include: cotton cloth, crepe paper, paper-plastic packaging bags, non-woven fabrics and rigid containers.

In the selection of packaging materials for sterile items, various hospital supply rooms or sterilization supply centers are mainly screened based on their ease of use, aseptic storage period and price.

The medical paper-plastic packaging bag is made of a layer of special paper and a layer of PET-PP plastic composite film through heat-sealing. It is breathable and transparent. The transparent plastic film has a sterilization indicator on one side, which can indicate whether it has been sterilized. The medical paper-plastic packaging bag needs to be sealed at both ends by a special heat sealing machine when in use. Its disadvantage is that it is air permeable on one side, and some items (metal instruments, surgical lampshades) are easy to produce condensed water during sterilization. After verification is required Can be used. Generally, the effective aseptic storage period of sterile articles packed in medical paper-plastic packaging bags is 6 months. For the specific sterility guarantee period, please refer to the statement issued by the manufacturer.

The loading method of medical paper-plastic packaging bags is paper-to-plastic vertical separation. This is because the paper-to-plastic vertical separation has a slightly higher wet packing rate, while the paper-to-paper flat stack Placing or stacking paper on plastic is prone to sterilization failure such as wet packaging.

The main material of medical non-woven packaging material is polypropylene, which has the structural characteristics of small fiber gaps and random arrangement, which can significantly reduce the possibility of microorganisms or dust particles being transferred.

The medical non-woven packaging material is disposable and cannot be reused. When choosing a non-woven fabric, the anti-bacterial properties, tensile strength and air permeability of the non-woven fabric should be considered in terms of performance. Compared with traditional cotton fabrics, medical non-woven fabrics have different characteristics: aseptic packages can be stored for a longer period of time (generally 6 months for double-layer non-woven fabrics); disposable products will not produce cotton dust and cause air pollution; It has a good balance of air permeability and bacteria resistance; medical non-woven fabrics are suitable for pressure steam sterilization and EO sterilization, but non-woven fabrics containing plant fibers are not suitable for low-temperature plasma sterilization.

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